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FishSoup3 Bouillabaisse

Bouillabaisse is one of those heavily debated soups. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this soup despite whether they are familiar with its origin or not. I’ve always found this amusing and of course I’m no different.

Personally, there is something really amiss about a bouillabaisse that is not smooth – you know the kind you more often than not receive at your local French restaurant containing various pieces of fish and other types of seafood in a lighter tomato-fish based broth? While many of these soups are quite good, they are not what I want when I order Bouillabaisse and after many such failed attempts I almost never order it anymore, at least not in Vancouver. Occasionally, I will make the mistake of taking the risk when I’m in other cities but regret generally follows instantly. I have to admit that this saddens me to my core as a great bouillabaisse is one of my absolute favorite foods, might even be in my top 5.

I was trying to avoid making an obnoxious statement like this but screw it I cant help myself:  I was ruined forever after having the real thing in the South of France many years back and since then I have not been able to really enjoy a bouillabaisse properly unless I make it at home.  There I said it. I sort of hate myself now… well not really, but I bet you do!

Galette Des Rois

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GaletteDesRois Galette Des Rois

Has anyone been to Paris at this time of year, or anywhere in France for that matter? If you have you will probably have noticed the plethora of puff pastry rounds stacked high on the patisserie shelves. Though quite unremarkable looking in comparison to other spectacular French pastries, these galettes are one of my absolute favorite things. Traditionally they are made for the epiphany or three kings days on January 6th and are truly wonderful in their simplicity. I have always been a fan of subtly sweet desserts and this galette with its almond pastry cream filling would also be an amazing breakfast pastry.

I wrote a post some time back on a non traditional Galette Des Rois and I find myself reinventing it throughout the year because I love it so much. I figured that this year I would do a post on a traditional Galette Des Rois because for once I actually managed to make one at the correct time of year. I will leave this one pure for now but know that it can be easily altered by adding various fruits, I love thinly sliced apple or pears but it would also be amazing with fresh berries in the summertime.

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