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I know what you’re thinking and it’s either what the hell would I want to make butter for? Or why isn’t she posting something that is more seasonally appropriate like holiday cookie recipes? Well I have to admit this was not my top choice for the first post after a rather long break from blogging, due to a month of packing and moving. Thanks you for your patience I will be getting back to a more regular posting schedule in the next week or as soon as I locate my camera, which of course has to be the only thing that has gone missing during the move. To tell you the truth I’ve been holding onto this post for a month or so, I’ve just found it so hard to find time to write with everything that is going on. But things are slowly starting to get back to normal around here. Well as normal as things can get living at your parents house 7 months pregnant. Sigh.

So Butter! Why  make butter at all?

Well first off if you have ever in your life tasted the glory that is French butter or any European butter for that matter, especially that originating from Brittany you will know just how lacking our north American butter can be. I find it especially disturbing here in Vancouver, a city that has an absolute amazing variety of artisan food products, how hard it is to find good fresh butter. Sure there are a few local farms where you could find it out in the valley but that’s not the kind of accessibly I require, so one afternoon about a month ago while contemplating this problem, rather than let my frustration get the better of me I realized that while fresh butter may not be the easiest thing to locate in the city, fresh local organic cream is readily available.

It is so easy to make butter you guys and its really worth it if you can, if only for a special occasion. All you need is some good fresh cream and your stand mixer or hand mixer or even just a jar with a tight fitting lid if you want to be really primal about it.

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Roasted Pumpkin Seed Butter

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Pumkin Seed Butter 2 Roasted Pumpkin Seed Butter

I told you I was on a pumpkin kick this year. Well it’s more of an obsession than anything else, which means that there will be at least one more post on the topic before I officially put the pumpkins away until next year. You can handle the right? I promise it wont be pumpkin pie!

This post is really an ode to my brand new food processor. It is truly a thing of beauty to watch this machine turn a bunch of seeds and nothing else into this perfectly smooth, thick spread. It’s magic and I am so glad that I finally decided to try this. We are huge almond butter fans and its safe to say that breakfast at our house is not complete unless there’s some variety involved. Actually, I’ve been a lifelong devotee of nut butters in general and the sole reason I waited so long to get it together and do this at home is due to a long line of semi broken old second hand food processors (rip). I finally for the first time in my life have a brand new cuisinart food processor and let me just say that the 2 months we’ve been together have been some of the happiest of my life. I can’t imagine how I survived as long as I did without it.

This recipe is the perfect example of why everyone should have one of these machines. Not including roasting time, this butter took all of 10 minutes to whip and man is it good. No, it’s truly great! Try it on toast with a little honey, or even bananas and honey or just by itself. The best part is it really maintains that beautiful roasted pumpkin seed flavor and with the addition of just a pinch of salt this may just make me forget about almond butter forever.

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Black Current Jam

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DSC03445 Black Current Jam

I over bought at the farmers market a few weeks back. Does that ever happen to you? I find it so hard to control my purchases at this time of the year, it seems I have to constantly remind myself that with work and everything else I just don’t have time to plan what I’m going to do with 10 pounds of berries on a Sunday night. This is a really upsetting realization for me. I have always thought I could be such a great candidate for a stay at home wife position. Not out of laziness or not wanting to work, but simply because my favorite thing in the whole wide world is cooking and spending time in my kitchen. I knew I should have married rich. Or maybe become a farmer instead of choosing a career in advertising?

Fortunately I was able to have a bit of control this week when I saw the little bushels of black currants. Of course what I wanted to do was just buy up the whole lot, I love currents, but seriously what are 2 people going to do with 10 pounds of currents? In the long run I’m glad I had the strength to limit myself because as it turns out the currents on top, the ones I tasted, were pretty sweet but the ones underneath that first layer were really tart almost sour. If I was a suspicious person I would call the farmer I bought them from sneaky, but I’m not and honestly it gave me an excuse to make this pretty awesome black current jam.

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